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Car owners in Kansas City know that Darkside is the place to go for the best quality window tint service offered in this great city. Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your vehicle or simply protect your car's interior from the sun's constant damaging rays, Darkside has got you covered.

Don't leave your car unprotected:

  • The sun can fade interior seats and dash surfaces causing loss of color and/or cracking/peeling.

  • Sun rays can create hot spots putting you at risk of possible burns.

  • Clear windows means your persoal belongings are always in view and vulnerable.

  • Increased interior temperatures require additional A/C demands, in turn consuming more fuel.

  • Broken automotive glass can be extremely sharp and very very small. In a car crash, just a single shattered window can cause devistang damage to skin. Tint holds glass together if shattered.

Leaving your car's interior unprotected can cause unnessecary wear and tear on your vehicle and your wallet.

Getting your automotive window's tinted at Darkside Tinting will not only protect your car or truck against all of these issues, but it will also enhance the look and resale value as well. 

Cheap Insurance with Darkside

  • No more smoldering hot interiors and no more fading!

  • Personal, valuable, and other items left in your car are protected from prying eyes.

  • Glass stays intact with the film when shattered during a collision or break in protecting those you care about most.

  • One great looking car or truck!

We offer only the best window film brands in the industry and all are backed by Darkside's Lifetime Tint & Installation Gaurantee. Both these mean a long lasting, great looking tint job for our customers. This is what keeps our customers loyal and this will continue to serve as our only way to do business.

If you have any questions on the process or pricing of your vehicle, just shoot us an email or call us at (816) 935-8699.

Automotive Tint - How Dark?

For Missouri State Law - click here

Please make sure you check with your local law officials before making any decisions on how dark your tint will be. Keep in mind that while it is your final decision, I am required to inform you if you will be in violation of the law.

How dark do you want your tint to be. See the picture above to view the different shades offered by darkside. Not all windows need to be the same darkness, i.e. Front windows can be lighter than the rear windows. Keep in mind that ALL shades of tint will block the same amount of UV light, but different shades will allow different amounts of visable light inside the car (5% = allows 5% of the visable light to pass through / 20% allows 20% of light). So all shades do offer the same protection.


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